Are you interested in hospital volunteering?

Have you got some spare time to support people in one of our hospitals?

Below is a summary of the tasks of a Clinical Hospital Volunteer.

Activities with Patients:

  •  Providing a reading/writing service where appropriate.
  • Engaging in general conversation with patients.
  •  Encouraging and supporting patients with activities such as reading, looking at photographs, watching video, listening to audio.
  •  Assisting patients with daily tasks e.g. making meal choices, remembering physio exercise, planning the day’s activities
  •  Helping patients to remain mentally and physically active.

Activities that support Patients:

  • Sitting with palliative care patients.
  • Taking patients outside when appropriate to experience the hospital grounds.
  • Accompanying appropriate patients to OPD appointments within the hospital.
  •  Directing relatives to patients or staff.
  •  Assisting patients with the portable telephone and relaying telephone messages to patients.
  • Assisting with the preparation for meal times.
  •  Accompanying patients to the day room.
  • Assisting with hand washing prior to meals.
  • Preparing patients’ bedside area for meals.
  • Encouraging patients to eat and drink, following guidance from the clinical team

Environmental Activities

  •  Tidying the day room following activities.

Patient Experience Activities

  • Assisting patients with feedback questionnaires and/or comments cards.
  • Providing feedback on behalf of patients/visitors to staff.

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