Powys Regional Partnership Board

The Regional Partnership Board is responsible for developing health and care services in Powys to meet the requirements set in the Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014.

Powys' Regional Partnership Board has a new, up-to-date website.


The Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act is about putting people and what’s important in their lives at the centre of health and care services.

The Regional Partnership Board oversees work in Powys to deliver this; The RPB oversees the delivery of the programmes Start Well, Live Well Disability, Live Well Mental Health and Age Well as well as other key work which cuts across all of these. The Regional Partnership is also responsible for ensuring a number of ‘cross-cutting themes’ e.g. Carers, are taken forward in its (and its subsidiary Boards’) work.


The priorities actions that the Regional Partnership Board will take forward for Powys are set out in Powys Area Pan which is the Health and Care Strategy. The Board’s priorities and responsibilities include:

undertaking a population assessment for Powys (analysing the needs of people who have care and support needs and carers who have support needs)
making sure there are resources for priorities identified by the population assessment
more early intervention and prevention
giving people more control and ownership for their health and well-being
making sure the voice of local people is heard and acted on
encouraging new ideas
integrating health and social care services in the County

To assist with taking forward this work the Regional Partnership Board also has responsibility for allocating funds from Welsh Government’s ‘Regional Integrated Fund,' (RIF) which it uses to support delivery of some of the priority actions contained in the Area Plan (Powys Health and Care Strategy).


  • Powys County Council
  • Powys Teaching Health
  • PAVO
  • Third sector organisations
  • Private sector
  • People who use social services (citizen representatives are supported by PAVO to undertake their role)
  • Carers.


Powys Health and Care Academy

The work of Powys RPB has included the creation of a new Powys Health and Care Academy, as part of a Wales-wide initiative to increase local access to education, training and development across the health and social care sector.

You can find out more about Powys Health and Care Academy here: https://www.powysrpb.org/powyshealthandcareacademy

PAVO/Third Sector Representation:

Clair Swales (PAVO Chief Executive) and Sharon Healey (PAVO Head of Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships)

Meeting Schedule:  every two months.