Age Well

The Age Well Partnership (also known as the ‘Older People's Partnership’) is a sub-partnership of the Regional Partnership Board.



The Age Well Partnership is responsible for taking forward the Regional Partnership Board’s work to strengthen and transform services for older people in Powys.


  • We will support older people to be as active as possible, through volunteering, physical and mental exercise.
  • We will encourage people to plan for their future, and to take action that reduces the incidence and progression of life-limiting conditions such as dementia.
  • We will support a range of accommodation options and access to them for people in older life.

Early Help & Support

  • We will utilise technology so older people can self-care and remain independent, and to encourage greater social inclusion.
  • For carers we will continue to develop services to meet the holistic needs of the family and provide adequate respite care.
  • We will help people to overcome loneliness and social isolation and be an active member of their community.

Tackling the Big Four

  • We will develop effective services to treat and support people suffering from the four main causes of ill health and premature mortality in Powys:
    • cancer
    • circulatory diseases
    • respiratory disease
    • mental health problems
  • We will also develop support to reduce the incidence and impact of the diseases in later life.

Joined Up Care

  • We will support health and care teams to work seamlessly with older people to get things right first time and prevent needs from escalating.
  • We will review existing health and care services and invest in health and care environments that meet future needs – providing choice, accessibility & co-ordinated services.
  • We will work with partners to safeguard residents.


  • Powys County Council
  • Powys Teaching Health Board
  • Powys Public Health Team
  • PAVO


PAVO/Third Sector Representation:

Sharon Healey (PAVO Head of Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships))

Meeting Schedule: every two months.