One-off grants of up to £5,000 (but averaging £2,500) are available to smaller UK registered charities working with the elderly, people with a mental or physical disability, those who are terminally ill, young people and social welfare projects, including those that benefit carers, the homeless and ex-offenders.

Application deadlineWEDNESDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2024. One further application deadline is provided at the end of the main text below.
o FunderThe Hedley Foundation Limited (founded 1971. Charity No: 262933. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 March 2023: £745,205 (2022: £610,051; 2021: £179,092)).
o Who can applysmall to medium sized UK registered charities.
o Key Words: Elderly. Mental Health, Physically Disabled, Children and Young People, Carers and Older People, Hospices, Homeless, Ex-Offenders, United Kingdom.

The Hedley Foundation Limited aims to improve the quality of life of people in the United Kingdom, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. It works to achieve this by making grants to small and medium sized UK registered charities working to benefit the following:

Elderly people and those who are terminally ill – projects to help elderly people to maintain independence, as well as projects to support those in the closing stages of life, in hospices or hospitals.
Mentally and/or physically disabled – projects to support and improve the quality of life of people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities, sensory impairment and learning difficulties.
Young people – projects which raise the aspirations or help realise the full potential of disadvantaged young people. Typically, grants are given to support young people into education, training or sustainable employment. Providing an opportunity to broaden horizons through sport and adventurous activities may form part of this category, and
Otherwise disadvantaged people and their carers – projects to support carers and social welfare projects that might support the homeless, the employability opportunities for offenders and ex-offenders and the opportunity to reduce re-offending. A major theme for support, presently, is to help keep young people out of the Criminal Justice System.

The Foundation awards grants to those charities that are able to demonstrate quantifiable outcomes to beneficiaries. It tends not to give money to very large scale or national charities or to support bids for salaries, buildings or IT.

Typically, grants are between £3,000 to £5,000, with no matched funding requirement. Grants are augmented by the occasional higher award granted for charities where a high impact can be demonstrated. Most grants are one-off payments, but multi-year grants may be selectively awarded and in such cases are subject to an annual review.

The Foundation has been rebuilding its grant-making since COVID. During the year ended 31st March 2023, the Foundation awarded grants to 278 charities totalling £745,205 (2022: 173 charities totalling £610,051). This compares to awards totalling less than £200,000 in 2021.

The Foundation doesn’t list successful applicants in its Annual Report, although some recent awards are featured on the Foundation’s website (scroll down the page).

The Trustees meets 4 times per year to review grant applications. Applications should be received in good time before each meeting and at least 6 weeks before the meeting date. 

The next meetings are scheduled for Wednesday 13th November 2024 and Wednesday 22nd January 2024. This means that applications should be received no later than:

o Wednesday 2nd October 2024, and
o Wednesday 11th December 2024.

Further information, guidance and a downloadable application form is available on the Foundation’s website.