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Grants, often for £50,000 or more, are available to UK registered charities working in the UK and/or overseas in the fields of child and social care, education, the elderly, and medical research. Jewish causes are regularly supported by the Trust.

Application deadlinenone – applications may be made at any time in writing.
FunderThe David and Ruth Lewis Charitable Trust (founded 1969. Charity number 259892. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 May 2023: £4,008,940 (2022: £2,257,339)).
Who can applyUK registered charities working in the UK and/or overseas, particularly Israel.
Key wordsChild and Social Care, Disadvantage, Education, Elderly, Medical Research, Jewish Causes, General Charitable Purposes, Overseas, United Kingdom.

Previously called the Lewis Family Charitable Trust, the David and Ruth Lewis Charitable Trust is a family-based grant-making charity based in London. Its three trustees are all members of the Lewis family.

The objectives of the Trust are very wide and cover virtually every generally accepted charitable object. However, in practice the causes to which the Trustees have devoted the bulk of resources in recent years have been restricted to medical research and support for the less fortunate, particularly:

o Child and Social Care.
o Education, 
o Support for the Elderly.

Most grants awarded are single payments, although a few grant commitments cover a period of two to three years. Certain medical research grants normally run for a period of three years.

During the year ended 31st May 2023, the Trust awarded grants totalling £4,008,940 (2022: £2,257,339). Awards ranged from under £50,000 to £376,300 (to the British Friends of Rambam, a national charity established to promote and support The Rambam Health Care Campus located in Haifa, Israel).

Grants awarded were categorised as:

o Child and Social Care: £351,541 (2022: £137,838).
o Education: 
£579,279 (£52,500).
o Medical Research and Support: 
£574,280 (2022: £127,500).
o Support for the Elderly: 
£157,939 (2022: £100,000)
o General Charitable Purposes: 
£2,345,901 (2022: £1,828,181).

A list of all major awards is provided on pages 14 and 15 of the Trust’s annual accounts.

Please note that the Trust does not have a website. Further information is, however, is available on the Charity Commission website.

Applications may be made at any time in writing. The Trustees meet regularly to consider requests for grant support.

Contact details for the Trust are:

Rachel, Benjamin and Simon Lewis
The David and Ruth Lewis Charitable Trust
Chelsea House
West Gate
W5 1DR