Grants of up to £1,500 are available to enable disabled people in the UK to play tennis through the purchase of wheelchairs, tennis equipment and grants for coaching.

Application deadline: SUNDAY 7th JULY 2024. A further application deadline for 2024 is provided at the foot of the article below.
o FunderThe Dan Maskell Tennis Trust (founded 2009. Charity No: 1133589. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 December 2022: £56,008 (2021: £69,171; 2020: £75,181)).
Who can applyUK registered charities, voluntary groups, sports clubs, schools. Individuals may also apply for a small grant.
o Key words: Tennis, Disability, Equipment, Individuals, United Kingdom.

Something of a tennis theme has emerged in the final two funding schemes covered this week. The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust awards small grants up to £1,500 (or up to £500 for individuals) to support disabled tennis, with a specific interest in people who are:

o Blind and partially sighted.
o Hearing impaired.
o Individuals with learning disabilities.
o Individuals with mental health issues, 
o Mobility impaired (wheelchair users).

Individuals, groups, special schools, disability programmes and tennis clubs may apply for financial help for specialist equipment such as:

o Coaching fees and tennis coaching qualifications.
o Court hire.
o General tennis equipment to enable people with a disability to participate in the sport.
o Special sound balls for visually impaired tennis, 
o Tennis wheelchairs.

During the year ended 31st December 2022, the Trust met on 4 occasions and approved 115 grant applications, as follows:

o 36 individual tennis wheelchairs
o 1 tennis wheelchairs for separate groups.
o 5 tennis equipment bags.
o 39 monetary grants for various individuals, 
o 34 monetary grants for various groups.

Please note that applicants looking for funding towards the cost of a wheelchair will be expected to provide matched funding.

A number of case studies are available on the Trust’s website.

Further information, guidance and an application form is available on the Trust’s website.

The next deadline for applications is Sunday 7th July 2024 for consideration at the Trust’s August 2024 meeting. Applicants should receive an answer about their funding request within 7 days of the meeting.

Any applications received after a deadline has passed will automatically go to the next meeting, which is currently scheduled for Sunday 27th October 2024.