Grants of up to £25,000 per year over 3 years are available to UK registered charities working in the UK in the areas of Social and Criminal Justice. Grants are also available for overseas projects.

Application deadline: FRIDAY 16th AUGUST 2024 for the Main Grants programme. Applications to the Small Grants programme may be made at any time.
FunderThe Charles Hayward Foundation (founded 1961 as the Hayward Foundation. Charity number 1078969. Total charitable expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2022: £3,886,282).
Who can applyfor Main Grants, UK registered charities with an annual income of between £150,000 and £4 million may apply to the Social and Criminal Justice and Overseas programmes.
Key wordsCriminal Justice, Social Justice, Older People, Heritage, Conservation, Innovative Projects, Overseas, United Kingdom.

The Charles Hayward Foundation provides grant funding for charitable activities under the following categories:

o Heritage and Conservation (not currently accepting applications)(Main Grants).
o Older People (Small Grants only).
o Overseas (Main Grants only), and
o Social and Criminal Justice (Main and Small Grants).

The following funding is available:

Main Grants:

o Social & Criminal Justice: between £15,000 to £25,000 per annum for one to three years. Up to £25,000 may be available for a pilot project.
o Heritage & Conservation: one-off grants up to £50,000.
o Overseas: one-off grants up to £15,000.

Small Grants:

o Grants of up to £7,000 for eligible applicants working with older people.

The Foundation likes to see that applicants have sought and secured matched funding from elsewhere.

The Foundation’s preference is to support projects that are at a developmental stage or that are clearly innovative. It likes to fund activities that may not otherwise take shape without its support. Additionally, the Foundation prefers to fund projects in their initial stages that provide early intervention to society’s problems.

Funding is not available for:

o Core operational costs or running costs.
o Endowments.
o General appeals.
o Grant-making organisations.
o Individuals.
o Repayment of loans, 
o Retrospective costs.

Please note that, as well as a number of general exclusions, there are quite a lot of things the Foundation is unable to fund under each of the above headings. Further information is available under the ‘Exclusions’ tab on the Foundation’s website.

The Main Grants Programme (for Social and Criminal Justice, Heritage and Conservation and/or Overseas projects) has no application form. Applicants are required to submit a proposal of no more than 4 pages of A4, which should be emailed to

The emailed submission should include:

1. Name and location of organisation.
2. Contact details.
3. Description of organisation.
4. Description of project.
5. Project aims.
6. Project cost.
7. Funds already raised and pledged.
8. Outstanding shortfall.
9. Project timetable,
10. The most recent set of audited accounts.

The closing date for applications to the Main Grants programme is Friday 16th August 2024. There is a 2-stage application process for the Main Grants programme. Applicants successful at Stage 1 (the emailed submission outlined above) will be considered by the Foundation at one of its regular meetings.

Further information, guidance, an application form and details about how to apply to the Main Grants programme, is available on the Foundation’s website.