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Small grants, often for around £1,000, are available for UK registered charities, churches, colleges and individuals. While the Trust supports a range of charitable causes, it places a focus on education and training, health, medicine, religious activities and overseas aid, especially famine relief.

Application deadlinenone – applications may be made at any time in writing.
Funder: The Andrew Anderson Trust (founded 1954. Charity number 212170. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 5 April 2023: £444,000 (2022: £460,000)).
Who can applyUK and international charities, societies, church groups, colleges, and individuals.
Key WordsEducation, Training, Health, Medicine, Religious Activities, Overseas Aid, Famine Relief, Overseas, United Kingdom.

The Andrew Anderson Trust is a Bristol-based family grant-making charity. The Trust was established in 1954 by Andrew Anderson. Since his death in 1988, the Trust has been administered by members of his family.

The Trust provides financial support for a wide range of charitable causes, with an emphasis on:

o Education and training.
o Health.
o Medicine.
o Overseas aid and famine relief, 
o Religious activities.

During the year ended 5th April 2023, the Trust awarded grants totalling £440,000 (2022: £460,250), categorised as:

o Grants to institutions: £298,400 (2022: £379,250), and
o Grants to individuals: £145,000 (2022: £81,000).

The Trust does not have a website, nor does it provide details of grant recipients in its annual accounts.

In the past, the Trust’s grants have been for £1,000 or less. Previous recipients have included:

o Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sidmouth, Devon.
o Rehoboth Christian Centre, Blackpool.
o St. Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate, London, 
o Trinity Baptist Church, Gloucestershire.

Applications may be made at any time in writing, addressed to:

Reverend Andrew Robertson Anderson
The Andrew Anderson Trust
1 Cote House Lane