Powys Agri Wellbeing Support

Powys Agri Wellbeing Support brings together organisations providing health and wellbeing services for farmers. It includes third sector and private sector organisations and statutory bodies, such as Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council.

The network aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of members of the farming community through raising awareness, reducing stigma and strengthening the voice of farmers when services are planned.

To find out more, contact PAVO on 01597 822191 or info@pavo.org.uk


Useful links

Powys Mental Health website- https://www.powysmentalhealth.org.uk

Mamwlad - The Farm, Your Home, Your Life - https://www.ageuk.org.uk/cymru/powys/our-services/mamwlad---the-farm-your-home-your-life/

FarmWell, a one stop resource to help you and your farm business stay strong and resilient- https://farmwell.org.uk/