Powys Advocacy Network

Powys Advocacy Network was launched with the aim of promoting closer collaboration across organisations whose primary purpose is the delivery of an advocacy service, or who provide a range of services including advocacy. Network members provide information, advice and updates on what is happening in Advocacy across Powys, across all ages.



The network is open to any third sector organisation based or operating in Powys who provide advocacy services including Mental Health Advocacy, Children’s Advocacy, Adults and Older Adults, including advocacy services for people living with Learning Disabilities, Unpaid Carers and Dementia.

To find out more contact PAVO on 01597 822191 or info@pavo.org.uk

Mapping Advocacy Services in Powys

This services map is currently being reviewed.

Minutes and Papers

You can read the notes/minutes from the previous meetings here

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Welsh PA Study December 2023