Community Buildings - Support

Are you a committee member/trustee for a community building (including village halls and community centres)?

PAVO are running a pilot project to support community building across Powys in response to the huge number of requests we have received from the voluntary sector.

Whether your query is general about the building or your role, please get in touch!


So far we have helped the following areas:

  • Hirers agreements
  • Risk assessments
  • Policies
  • Training
  • Virtual discussion groups
  • Governance queries
  • Monitoring

Please click HERE to complete our support form.

We know how vital these buildings and committees are to each local area.
What does having a community building in your community means to you?

Please let us know by following this link:

If you would like to join our virtual discussion groups, please click HERE

For more information or to get involved

Please contact Toni Borgia