Fund Criteria 

The aim of the Small Health Grants to Promote Health and Wellbeing is to provide funding for organisations who wish to provide activities that contribute to one or more of the following priorities, by improving health and wellbeing:

  • Cost of living - health and wellbeing interventions
  • Transport to wellbeing - journeys that enable attendance at social activities that contribute to an improvement in wellbeing
  • Wellbeing at home - supporting independent living
  • Loneliness and isolation - health and wellbeing interventions     

The scheme is funded by Powys Health Charity, which is the Charitable Trust of Powys Teaching Health Board.


The scheme is keen to support applications that are:

  •       Accessible to all third sector organisations that deliver health and wellbeing activities to their local communities.
  •       Collaborative in their approach, encouraging groups to work together to deliver projects, and encouraging groups to engage with their users to assess what they need.
  •       Inclusive to all groups within the communities of Powys - both geographical and communities of interest.
  •       Innovative in their nature, encouraging organisations to think differently and deliver in a different way.
  •       Sustainable in looking at the long term impact, and utilising funds to the best possible benefit of organisations and the funder. 

Groups can apply for up to 3 calendar years funding for capital and revenue funding: 

  • First year funding is paid upfront, with subsequent years funding, dependent on satisfactory reporting, at the end of the grant year.
  • Each years’ funding will be for a full calendar year e.g. August 2024 - July 2025
  • The maximum grant available is £2500 per year. 

Beneficiary monitoring 

In order to monitor beneficiary wellbeing and the impact of the funding, all funded groups will be asked to undertake a short baseline survey of beneficiaries with a survey provided by PAVO:

  •       At the commencement of the project
  •       At the end of the funded year / project


Your organisation can apply if it meets the following eligibility criteria: 

  • It is a Third/voluntary sector (not-for-profit) organisation and is independent of government, private and public sectors
    • Registered charity
    • Constituted group
    • Community Interest Company
    • Charitable Incorporated Organisation
    • Company limited by guarantee
  • The funding will be for activities/services/communities in Powys
  • Your organisation has at least 2 unrelated authorised signatories 

You cannot apply if you are:

  • A political organisation
  • A statutory organisation
  • A private organisation
  • An individual

Organisations applying for the grant must:

  • Have a governing document
  • Have a bank account
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage a grant
  • Demonstrate that they have the relevant policies and insurances in place 
  • Address one or more of the fund priorities and have evidence of need

The support of a PAVO Development Officer is available to any organisation that wishes to submit an application. It is highly recommended that you get in touch before submitting an application.