The Active Offer Package of Support

The Active Offer Package of Support is here to help you implement more Welsh language into your services.

Living here in Wales, inclusiveness can be a big part of your organisations’ success, and offering your services in Welsh is a big step to fulfilling your promise to the Welsh speaking population.

The Active Offer is all about providing a service in Welsh without someone having to specifically ask for it.

As well as having a cultural impact you’ll also be complying with the Welsh Language Measure of 2011 that states, if you’re an organisation that receives funding from your local authority or health board, you are inclined to deliver, or, at least work towards an Active Offer within your organisations’ services.


We can support your organisation with the following:

  • Chat about the Active Offer and how it affects you.
    Have a chat with PAVOs Development Officer for the Active Offer to find out what it is, what your organisation can do to deliver it, and to get a general idea of where to start your Active Offer journey.
  • Supportive Training on the Active Offer
    Attend one of the project’s officer many supportive training sessions breaking down how your organisation can go about making a start with its Active Offer. This training is free and is a great starting point for anyone wanting to make a start or to refresh their understanding of the Active Offer.
  • Support with developing an Active Offer Action Plan
    Through direct support and guidance from the project officer, your organisation can develop an action plan of the Active Offer’s implementation into your services. Having a plan for your step by step approach can ensure its success.
  • Access to videos explaining the Active Offer
    Watch videos created by the project’s officer describing the context of the Active Offer, what it means to people, and the cultural impact it can have here in Wales.
  • Online access to the Toolkit
    The Active Offer Toolkit consists of an Information Pack, a Phrasebook, an Organisational Health Check revolving around Welsh language, Flashcards, Posters and more. You will also receive support on how to use these tools in your organisation.
  • Videos explaining How to utilise the Toolkit
    Watch videos breaking down how to unleash the potential of the toolkit, and how you can implement its usefulness into your everyday work.
  • Flashcards/phrasebook tailored to your organisation
    The Active Offer project can help to develop flashcards and phrases in Welsh for your organisation to use. These can be regular questions, phrases and/or greetings that you and your organisation use on a daily basis.
  • Access to a small amount of Welsh translation
    Depending on your situation, the Active Offer project can support you with a small amount of Welsh translation. This can range from a social media poster to a job or volunteer role description that could assist you in widening your audience base.
  • Access to Language Awareness sessions with Dysgu Cymraeg
    Come along to a session made in collaboration with Dysgu Cymraeg on Language Awareness that aims to increase your awareness and understanding of the Welsh language in Wales today, and to discuss how you can contribute to its prosperity.

To get started or for more information

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