Powys Pennies

Powys Pennies is a simple idea which raises money for local community projects and charities in Powys by collecting the pennies each month from your pay slips.

This scheme is currently closed to applications


Who Can Take Part?

Employees of the County Council and PAVO can take part, and provides an easy, hassle free way of supporting our local community projects and charities.

Each month, when you receive your net pay (your 'take-home' pay after deductions) we will round the amount down to the nearest pound. The pennies that are left over are then sent to community charities within Powys.

How it works!

Jack or Jill has a net monthly pay of £1160.42.

Powys Pennies would round it down to the nearest pound, deducting 42 pence from his net pay, leaving Jack or Jill with £1160.00.

The deducted 42 pence is donated to Powys Pennies for the support of charitable community activity in the county.

How much does it cost?

You would only be donating pennies each month, so you would hardly notice the difference to your pay. The big difference is the collective contribution of donated pennies over a year, along with colleagues.

What happens to the money?

Contributions gathered from the Powys Pennies scheme are administered by PAVO as a community grant.

How to get involved?

Powys Pennies is simple to join - you just need to download the sign up form below:

Powys Pennies Powys County Council Sign Up Form

If you are a Powys County Council employee and wish to discuss the scheme before making a discussion call the payroll department on 01597 826240.

If you are a PAVO employee and require more information contact finance on 01597 822191.