Changes to National Lottery Awards for All

As part of our new strategy ‘It starts with community’, we are refreshing our National Lottery Awards for All programme, helping to put social connections and community activities at the heart of creating healthier, happier lives and a flourishing society.

As an organisation that supports community groups and charities, we wanted to let you know about the upcoming changes so that you can continue to provide advice and support to organisations in your area.  

On 15 November 2023 National Lottery Awards for All is changing.

From then organisations will:   

·                 be able to apply for up to £20,000 in a single award;  

·                 be able to apply for funding for up to two years;  

·                 no longer be able to hold more than one National Lottery Awards for All grant at a time.  


This change to the upper limit on National lottery Awards for All is to give projects more financially stability, long term certainty and an increase in accessible funding.  

If organisations want to apply for between £300 and £10,000 to spend over one year, they do not need to do anything. They can continue to complete their application as planned.   

If organisations would like to ask for more than £10,000 (and less than £20,000), or to spend the grant over two years, they should wait and submit their application after 15 November.  

Please note that the time it usually takes to assess and pay successful applicants is 12 weeks. A completed application made on 15 November would not typically be awarded until the start of February 2024.  

From 15 November organisations can only have one National Lottery Awards for All grant at a time. This means if an organisation receives funding before 15 November, it will not be able to apply for more funding until the project is complete. 

One of the impacts of this change is that with the maximum grant amount increasing, we may not be able to support the same number of projects within our budget. We strongly encourage organisations to consider their budget closely and ask for what they need for their specific project. This will help us maximise the number of communities we can support under the refreshed programme.   

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