Locality Networks

The Locality Networks aim to bring together community, third sector and statutory services to share ideas and experiences. Through collaboration with stakeholders and service providers we aim to identify and address gaps in provision locally.

The Locality Networks feed information back to the Community Sector Response Group (CSRG), which was established to support and help coordinate third sector activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The CSRG is an umbrella network which operates in partnership with all sectors and agencies. By galvanising and harnessing the contributions of the voluntary sector across Powys, the CSRG works to improve the independence of individuals and reduce demands on statutory and health and care services. 

Key Objectives

  • Build strong, lasting connections between services, groups, individuals and businesses 

  • Develop and deliver good quality services, activities and facilities 

  • Work with communities to identify and address issues that affect them 

  • Create more holistic, joined-up services across individual networks

  • Engage active and involved citizens in mutual aid efforts

Locality Network Meetings

There are 13 Locality Networks across Powys, and each meets four times a year or more if deemed necessary. Meetings are still currently online, but will be moved to in-person when it is safe to do so. 

The meetings are an informal opportunity to gather and learn about what else is happening in your area, make new connections, and seek development opportunities. PAVO will support any organisations looking to develop joined-up services in collaboration with other Locality Network members. 

The Locality Network Meetings are facilitated by PAVO Community Connectors and supported by South & North Powys Network Development Officers. If you are interested in getting involved with the Locality Networks, please contact the Community Connector Service - 01597 828649 or email community.connector@pavo.org.uk to register your interest.


Network Development Officers

The role of the Network Development Officers is to work closely with the Community Connectors, providing development and capacity support for thriving, sustainable, and effective networks of active and involved citizens.


The Network Development Officers also support the networks engaging with local people, groups, and statutory agencies to identify needs. They feed this information back to the Community Sector Response Group in order to direct strategic planning and support in establishing new projects or co-production of services. 

The officers provide bespoke support in allowing the networks to develop in ways which suit their members, keeping in mind that different networks may wish to develop in different ways. This includes directing support from PAVO by identifying skills or knowledge gaps, providing training and support, and developing projects as needed. 

Another key focus is to build capacity within the networks by establishing engagement from service users and providers, third sector organisations, grassroots groups, and local businesses. From there, the officers serve as a catalyst for community-level change, helping to identify gaps in service and produce evidence to support findings. 

Along with helping to increase capacity of the Locality Network Meetings, the Network Development Officers encourage development of positive working relationships between network members. 

Please feel free to contact our Network Development Officers regarding any questions you might have about the Locality Networks.

Graham Evans, North Powys


Michael Entwisle, South Powys 



Community Connectors

This service supports people in Powys (aged 18+) in accessing services and activities that will help them maintain independent lives. 

The Community Connectors coordinate the Locality Network Meetings and are a primary point of contact for people looking to access community-level services. 

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