Small grants of between £250 and £2,500 for UK registered charities and voluntary and community organisations working in a wide range of areas, with an emphasis on supporting community focused initiatives that are finding it hard to secure funding from elsewhere, particularly for unfashionable or unpopular causes.


o Application deadline: none – applications may be at any time by email, following the guidance on the Trust’s website.


o Who can apply: small registered charities and community and voluntary groups across the UK

The Trust applies the following questions when deciding which applications to support:

1. Is it something new for this particular area? It doesn't matter if the idea is tried and tested in other parts of the country, if it is new for a particular community, it may be of interest to the Trust.
2. Is it small? Grants are normally given to projects where an initial £125 to £2,500 can make a real difference. Generally, the Trust will look at what it is costing per head to reach the people the project is helping.
3. Will it find it hard to get support elsewhere? The Trust tries to help those projects that are too new and experimental to get support through established fundraising channels, or which (if established) are under threat due to changes in national or local policy.
4. Is it run by ordinary people, not professionals? Once a project is big enough to employ staff, it is probably too big for the Trust to fund. The Trust also likes to support projects that empower ordinary non-professional people.
5. Does it have the potential to become self-supporting? The Trust likes to see information that shows how the project will support itself in future years or (if it is a short-life project) over the course of its life, 
6. Is it outward looking, rather than being focused on its own members? The Trust is especially interested in supporting groups who are usually considered recipients of voluntary action (for example old age pensioners, refugees or young offenders) when these people become involved in helping other groups in the community as this empowers the volunteers themselves, as well as supporting the project they are working on.

If a potential applicant can respond affirmatively to the above questions, it should be in a good position to apply for grant support.

Applications may be submitted at any time, following the guidance in the “How to Apply” and “What we need to know” section of the Trust’s website.

Contact details for the Trust are:

Mr M W Burrell
The Wakeham Trust
c/o Millbank Financial Services
4th Floor
Swan House
10 Bruton Street
Email: TheWakehamTrust(at)

(The Trust does not advertise a 'phone number.)

Where to find us

Llandrindod Wells Office

Unit 30
Ddole Road Industrial Estate
Llandrindod Wells

01597 822 191

Newtown Office

Plas Dolerw
Milford Road
SY16 2EH

01686 626 220

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