Capital grants of up to £20,000 are available to UK not-for-profit theatres for building projects and equipment that improve environmental sustainability.

Application deadlineFRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2024 at midday (12 noon).
o FundersThe Wolfson Foundation and the Theatres Trust (the Wolfson Foundation (founded 1955. Charity number 1156077. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 March 2023: £38,047,000 (2022: £37,516,946; 2021: £35,718,852)).
o Who can applynot-for-profit theatres across the UK.
o Key wordsCapital, Equipment, Theatres, Environmental Sustainability, United Kingdom.

The Wolfson Foundation is one of the largest independent UK grant-making charities, regularly awarding grants totalling between £30 million and £40 million annually. A number of its targeted programmes are currently open to applications with a deadline of Monday 1st July 2024, and we’ll be featuring these in forthcoming bulletins. Its Theatres Trust’s Theatre Improvement Scheme, which offers capital funding for theatres, is also open to applications now, although it has a deadline in early September 2024.

The theme for the fund for the current 3-year partnership is Improving Environmental Sustainability as the Theatres Trust and the Wolfson Foundation recognise that this is an urgent priority for the sector.

Theatre operators can apply for a capital grant of up to £20,000 towards their building or for equipment as part of the scheme. Between 5 and 8 grants are normally awarded each year (details of previous grant awards can be found under the heading ‘Grant Recipients’ on the Theatre Trust’s website).

It is hoped that these grants will support a range of projects that consider different ways theatre buildings can reduce their environmental impact. From living green (sedum) roofs to new windows, building management systems to more efficient water heaters, funding will be given to projects that demonstrate how a small intervention can have a big impact.

To be eligible to apply to the scheme, applicants must demonstrate that they:

o Own or manage theatres with titles or signed leases of more than 5 years on buildings in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
o Run a year-round programme of live performance, of no less than 30 performances a year.
o Have a bona fide UK charitable or not-for-profit legal structure and be able to provide certified or audited accounts for at least two years, 
o Operate theatres that achieve excellence through their producing and programming or architectural significance

Please note that organisations currently in receipt of other grants from the Theatres Trust or the Wolfson Foundation are not eligible to apply.

Further information, guidance and an application form, which should be emailed to once completed, is available on the Theatres Trust website.

The deadline for applications is midday (12 noon) on Friday 6th September 2024.

Pre-application discussions are welcomed. Please contact Lucy Mason, Theatres Adviser to discuss your project. Lucy’s contact details are provided below.

Contact details for the Fund are:

Lucy Mason
Theatres Adviser
Theatres Trust
22 Charing Cross Road
Tel: 020 7836 8591