One-off grants usually up to £5,000 are available for small UK registered charities working in the areas of education, environmental causes, health, heritage, people with a disability, support for children and young people and the relief of youth poverty, the arts, the elderly, and the military.

Application deadlineFRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2024.
o Funder: The Grocers’ Charity (founded 1968. Charity number 255230. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 July 2023: £1,140,985 (2022: £1,023,645; 2021: £875,895)).
o Who can applyUK registered charities with an annual turnover of under £500,000.
o Key wordsArts, Children and Young People, Relief of Youth Poverty, Elderly, particularly Loneliness and Social Exclusion, Environment, Health, Heritage, Disability/disabled, United Kingdom.

The Grocers’ Charity (please note that the charity’s website doesn’t appear to be active at present. If you’re interested in applying, please contact the Charity Manager, Michelle Molyneux at the address provided at the foot of this articleis a grant-making Trust with general charitable aims. This enables it to support a broad range of UK-registered charities through one-off grant awards of up to £5,000, with the occasional higher award. awards over £5,000 tend to be for educational projects as, historically, education has been the Charity’s primary focus. Other major causes benefitting from the Charity include:

Arts – in particular, charities that engage with marginalised audiences and/or provide opportunities, education and skills development of creative talent for artists with financing challenges or disability support requirements.
Children, young people and the relief of youth poverty – in particular, charities (a) working in areas of high deprivation, (b) working to increase social mobility (for example through training courses, better facilities or parenting support), (c) empowering those who experience homelessness, (d) working to support disadvantaged children and young people aged 0 to 25 years, and (e) investing in young leaders and peer support.
Elderly – in particular, charities that are working towards ending loneliness in old age and/or supporting ending social exclusion for older people.
Environmental causes – in particular, (a) conservation on land and at sea, (b) supporting the protection and survival of plants and animals, and their natural habitat, (c) connecting people with nature and environment issues, and (d) countering the effects of pollution.
Health – in particular, charities that (a) have a turnover of no more than £15 million, (b) are carrying out ethical research into specific medical conditions, (c) support sufferers of rare medical conditions, and/or (d) require a grant for a piece of equipment, printing materials or a tangible project.
Heritage – in particular, charities that conserve historic buildings (though not Places of Worship) and/or conserve historic objects and paintings.
People with a disability – in particular, by providing innovative projects and programmes for disabled people, providing front line support for disabled people, and/or empowering marginalised and excluded individuals and groups, and
The Military – in particular,  charities that provide innovative projects and programmes for current and ex-service people and their families, and/or opportunities for education and employment for ex-service people.

One-off grants of up to £5.000, with no matched funding requirement, are available.

Please note that, although the Grocers’ Charity awards across the UK, it can prioritise charities working in the City of London and its adjoining boroughs.

During the year ended 31st July 2023, the Charity awarded 189 grants totalling £1,140,985 (2022: 172 grants totalling £1,023,645; 2021: 162 grants totalling £875,895). Grants awards were categorised as follows:

o Arts and Heritage: £67,715 (2022: £28,500).
o Churches: £41,800 (2022: £37,800).
o Disability: £50,662 (2022: £54,321).
o Education: £336,740 (2022: £311,912).
o Elderly: £47,411 (2022: £38,495).
o Environment: £24,000 (2022: £45,000).
o Health: £71,528 (2022: £161,902).
o Military: £32,000 (2022: £26,000).
o Poverty: £262,383 (2022: £213,182), and
o Youth: £206,746 (2022: £100,528).

A list of all grants awarded of £2,000 or more is provided on pages 28 to 30 of the Charity’s Annual Report.

Funding is not available for:

o Charities whose beneficiaries are overseas.
o Charities with a turnover of over £500,000, except for medical charities.
o Educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities.
o Hospices.
o Individuals.
o Non-UK registered charities, 
o Places of worship.

To apply, applicants should first complete the online eligibility checklist when the Grocers’ Charity website is working (it isn’t at the moment) by clicking on the icon representing the area grant support is sought for, following which the online application form will be made available to eligible organisations.

The next deadline for applications is Friday 6th September 2024.

Contact details for the Charity are:

Ms Michelle Molyneux
Charity Manager
The Grocers’ Charity
Grocers’ Hall
Princes Street
Tel: 020 7606 3113