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Why do we have representatives?

  • It enables voluntary sector organisations and community groups to take part in the decision making at partnerships.
  • It builds strong working relations with partners.

What do representatives do?

  • You will be a member of a partnership or working group - usually these are at the national, regional or county level
  • The partnership will have 'terms of reference' that is a clear purpose about what it is aiming to do and how, and will be able to say roughly how many times a year it intends to meet, and whether the partnership is ongoing or will only exist for a set period
  • You will need to be able to attend meetings on a regular basis.
  • You will be a member ON BEHALF of the voluntary and community sector in Powys, NOT JUST your own organisation or group but bring your experience and knowledge from your own work.
  • Very often you are a member of a network or a forum.
  • You will take part in the meetings and help develop strategic activity on behalf of the voluntary and community sector in Powys (NOT seeking to promote your own organisation or group).
  • You need to be willing to report back on items of interest (PAVO is here to support you to do this).

How do you become a representative?

PAVO, in its role the local County Voluntary Council, helps and supports the process of seeking and appointing representatives from the voluntary and community sector.

PAVO follows a fair, accessible and transparent process in seeking and appointing representatives.

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The standard process:

  1. In discussion with partners, the number of representatives is agreed.
  2. In discussion with partners, draft Terms of Reference for the partnership are drawn up (to be agreed by the partnership at its first meeting).
  3. In discussion with partners, an outline of experience/knowledge and the representative role and responsibilities is agreed.
  4. These draft Terms of Reference, and the representatives' role and responsibilities are publicised to the voluntary and community sector, inviting suggestions/applications to be a representative.
  5. Meetings may also be held with relevant third sector groupings or networks to seek representatiaves.
  6. Independent nominees are requested to support an application.
  7. Applications if exceeding the number of places are brought to a panel of PAVO Board members for a selection process (scoring against set criteria).
  8. The names and organisations/groups of the selected representatives are made public.
  9. The names of the representatives and their contact details are promoted to the third sector to enable the representative role.
  10. PAVO continues to support the representatives in their roles and responsibilities throughout the agreed period a representative stands.
  11. When the term is up, a re-election process is held as agreed, repeating numbers 1 to 8. Where representatives resign or stand-down, the process 1 to 8 is held to fill vacancies.

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