Grants, generally of £2,500 or less, are available for smaller UK registered charities providing projects that support disadvantaged and disabled children aged 13 and under and their families. Grants are available for UK charities for activities within the UK and overseas.

Application deadline: FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2024.
o FunderThe British Toy and Hobby Association (the Toy Trust) (founded 1990. Charity number 1001634. Total value of all grants awarded during the year ended 31 December 2022: £207,850 (2021: £145,623; 2020: £178,609)).
o Who can apply: UK registered charities with a UK office that are working in the UK and/or overseas.
Key wordsChildren, Disadvantage, Disability, Overseas, United Kingdom.

The Toy Trust generally awards small grants under £5,000 to “such charity or charities or charitable purposes connected with children as they (the trustees) shall in their absolute discretion decide“.

In exceptional circumstances the Trust also makes donations to any crisis involving children which require an immediate response. In addition to the smaller grants made by the Trust throughout the year, the Trust’s committee can decide to award a larger grant to one or a small number of charities in conjunction with the Trust’s annual fundraising events. Applying charities working overseas must have a UK office (applications are not accepted from overseas offices).

Grants are available for equipment and services for smaller UK charities working to help disadvantaged children aged under 13 years of age and their families to:

o Alleviate suffering.
o Bolster existing initiatives.
o Encourage achievement through adversity.
o Initiate brand new projects.
o Provide care.
o Purchase vital equipment.
o Satisfy basic needs, 
o Support children through awful experiences.

Projects should:

o Be in support of children and projects regardless of faith, sex or disability.
o Run for a minimum of 12 months, 
o Show real benefit for relieving hardship and suffering to beneficiaries.

During the year ended 31st December 2022, the Trust awarded grants totalling £207,850 (2021: £145,623; 2020: £178,609).

All grant awards of £2,500 and over are listed on page 14 of the Trust’s annual accounts.

The Trust meets 4 times each year to review applications. The deadlines are:

1. Mid-February for its March meeting.
2. Mid-June for its July meeting.
3. Mid-August for its August meeting, 
4. Mid-November for its December meeting.

The next application deadline is therefore on Friday 14th June 2024

Further information, guidance and details about how to apply for a grant is available on the Trust’s website.