A small number of grants of up to £2,500 are available to UK registered charities that are helping ex-offenders, those who are recently homeless or vulnerably housed and young adults aged 16-24 years old not in employment, education or training, move towards paid employment.

o Application deadlineMONDAY 8th JULY 2024 at 12 noon (midday).
o Funder: The Society Foundation (founded 2015. Charity number 1164616. Total charitable expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2022: £2,909 (2021: £1,170)).
Who can be funded: UK registered charities with an annual turnover of under £500,000.
o Key words: Ex-Offenders, Homeless/Homelessness, Vulnerably Housed, Young Adults Aged 16-24, Education, Employment, Training, Capacity Building, Organisational Sustainability. Consultancy Support, Developing IT Systems, Micro-Grants, United Kingdom.

London-based, the Society Foundation is a modest grant-making charity that awards small grants of up to £2,500 to small UK registered charities to help individuals from the following beneficiary groups move toward paid employment:

o Ex-offenders.
o Recently homeless or vulnerably housed, 
o Young adults aged 16-24 years old not in employment, education or training (NEETs).

The Trust recorded a very modest income and expenditure for the year ended 31st December 2022 (income: £38,311 (2021: £5,502); expenditure £2,909 (2021: £1,170)), indicating that any grants awarded are likely to be both limited and quite small.

Grants can be used to help charities become more financially sustainable, particularly where the grant is used for:

o Capacity building, including IT infrastructure and equipment.
o External consultancy and support, 
o Staff development and training.

Funding is not available for:

o Animal welfare projects.
o General overheads or non-specific staff costs.
o Generic appeals.
o Individuals.
o Individuals.
o Political, lobbying, campaigns or policy work.
o Projects based outside the UK.
o Projects that have already taken place.
o The promotion of religion, or projects that only provide benefit to a specific religious group, 
o Umbrella or grant making organisations.

Further information, guidance and an application form is available on the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation’s application process is designed to be ‘light touch’ and not overly onerous for applicants.

The 2024 deadline for applications is 12 noon (midday) on Monday 8th July 2024.