Quaker Housing Trust

Grants and interest-free loans are available to registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales for projects that provide housing for people in need.

o Application deadlineWEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2024.
o FunderThe Quaker Housing Trust (founded 1967. Charity number 254704. Total charitable expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2022: £85,431).
o Who can applyregistered charities in England, Wales and Scotland. The Trust is currently especially interested in receiving applications from minoritised communities as well as projects from geographically underrepresented areas in previous grant applications, specifically Wales and the East of England.
Key wordsHousing Projects, People in Need, Minoritised Communities, Wales, East of England, England, Scotland, Wales.

The Quaker Housing Trust offers two separate funding programmes, each with their own application process:

1. Best practice grants for early in the development of a project to ensure the project reaches the highest possible standards, and
2. A Main Grants and Interest-Free Loans Programme to fund projects which create homes.

Please note that applicants do not need to be part of the Quaker movement in order to apply for a grant or loan.

1. Best practice grants

The Trust encourages all organisations at an early stage in developing a project to consider these grants, which are up to £6,000. There are two areas which can be funded:

1. The Environmental Assessment Grant which will fund professional fees associated with helping identify and use environmentally-friendly options for a housing project, and
2. The Feasibility Study Grant will help with the professional fees associated with testing the feasibility of specific proposals to improve, expand or create new genuinely affordable rented housing.

For both these grants, the Trust will expect applicants to detail the specific project in development and the impact the grant will have. Successful applicants to this scheme are eligible to apply to the Main Grants and Loan Programme to take forward their project.

2. The Main Grants and Loans programme

The Trust encourages organisations to make applications to its main programme when a project is well progressed in terms of planning, with feasibility studies undertaken, a robust budget established and relevant planning permissions secured. Awards of up to £50,000 are available, often consisting of a blend grants and loans. The maximum grant available is £25,000. For loans of over £20,000, the Trust will require security against its investment. Applicants will be required to have their own legal advice on the loan agreement.

A list of current loans for the year ended 31st December 2022 can be viewed on page 16 of the Trust’s annual accounts.

The Trust also offers the following services:

o Advice at an early stage of new housing provision and to existing projects experiencing difficulties or seeking to expand.
o A Health Check Service to evaluate the potential problems and growth for housing projects,
o Access to interest-bearing loans from the ethical Quaker Social Housing Account run by Triodos Bank.

Funding is not available for:

o Direct support to individuals.
o Housing which is to be rented out for profit or used as an investment property.
o Housing which is to be sold to the occupants or other private owners.
o Organisational development, operational or running costs.
o Service provision, whether to occupants or other people (eg advice, support, training or placement services).
o Support to organisations or groups where the recipients of the funding are also the direct beneficiaries (such as self-help groups, full mutual co-operatives, community or co-housing groups).
o Transient accommodation such as night-shelters, or
o Work which should be part of a planned maintenance programme.

Further information, guidance and details about the separate application processes for the Best Practice and Main Grants programmes is available on the Trust’s website.

The remaining application deadlines for 2024 are:

o Wednesday 4th September for a decision in early October 2024, and
o Wednesday 13th November for a decision in mid-December 2024.