Grants and resources are available to support grassroots community projects across the UK that engage local people in tree planting.

Application deadlineapplications may be made up to and including FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER 2024.
o FunderThe International Tree Foundation (founded 1922. Charity number 1106269.  Total charitable expenditure during the year ended 31 December 2022: £856,125 (2021: £516,010; 2020: £577,168)).
o Who can applyUK community-based organisations, including registered charities, community and voluntary groups, Parish Councils and schools.
o Key wordsEnvironment, Trees, Tree Planting, Woodlands, Forests, Habitats, Biodiversity, Reforestation, Social Cohesion, Social inclusion, United Kingdom.

Each summer the International Tree Foundation (ITF) issues a ‘call for proposals’ and invites people to send it their ideas. Projects can be small, such as planting a community woodland or orchard, or they can be larger scale, such as landscape restoration or rewilding. The Foundation is open to all kinds of project types and ideas.

ITF’s UK Community Tree Planting Programme represents a means of contributing to the much-needed reforestation of the UK. At just 13%, the UK has one of the lowest tree covers in Europe (average 35% in the EU). This programme aims to unlock many benefits brought about by tree planting. ITF believes local communities know what type of project is appropriate for their area and landscape.

The Foundation is currently inviting applications to its 2024/25 UK Community Tree Planting Programme to support grassroots community engagement in tree planting.
ITF’s priorities are to support community-based tree planting initiatives that meet the following essential criteria:

o Based in the UK.
o Plant trees in public/publicly-accessible spaces: sites that are readily accessible to the public, including schools, parks, rights of way, and sites managed by community groups.
o Plant indigenous tree species (this may include traditional fruit trees and ‘honorary’ natives where appropriate).

o Engage community members in tree planting and enjoying the benefits of woodlands, and
o Have clear plans for maintenance and sustainability.

The ITF is also interested in applications which meet one of more of the following additional criteria:

o Conserve existing ancient trees and indigenous woodlands as well as new planting.
o Create biodiversity habitat.
o Conserve soil and water.
o Demonstrate new approaches such as agroforestry.
o Engage children and young adults in tree planting and learning about trees.
o Engage vulnerable groups and groups with low access to woodlands.
o Support rewilding and natural regeneration.
o Support work or research on tree pest and disease resistance and climate change adaptation,
o Support urban tree planting.

Community based organisations, such as a locally focused registered charity, a community group, Parish Council or a school with a bank account in their name and signed permission from the owner or manager of the land indicating that the project meets all legal requirements, may apply for either of the following two grant strands:

1. Grants for community orchard projects of up to 30 trees planted per year.

2. Grants for community woodlands/hedging projects that range from 100 – 25,000 trees planted per year, with a maximum price equivalent to £1.95 per tree (inclusive of tree protection and mulch). In addition, these projects also receive two maintenance grants equivalent to £0.10 per tree, disbursed in the first and second summers after planting.

To apply, eligible applicants should:

1. Complete the online Expression of Interest form.
2. Applicants should hear whether they’ve been invited to progress to the Full Application stage within 4 weeks.

Further information, guidance and details of how to apply is available on the Foundation’s website.

Applications may be made up to and including Friday 13th December 2024.