Art Fund PAVO

Grants of up to £50,000 are available to UK museums and galleries that are reliant on local authority support for projects that are creative or innovative, context-specific, impactful, engaging and help reimagine strategic and creative partnerships.

Application deadlineFRIDAY 19th JULY 2024.
o FunderThe National Art Collections Fund (founded 1962. Charity number 209174. Total charitable expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2022: £20,873,000 (2021: £16,579,000; 2020: £18,067,000)).
Who can applyUK museums and galleries that are reliant on local authority support.
o Key Words: Museums, Galleries, Reimagining Partnerships, Engaging Underrepresented Audiences, Environmental Sustainability, United Kingdom.

The Art Fund Reimagine programme is designed to inspire creativity and increase stability and resilience in the arts sector. The programme supports organisations to develop or refresh their work in response to their current situation.

Through Reimagine, grants of up to £50,000, which can cover most costs associated with delivering creative projects, are available for projects across the UK that are:

o Creative or innovative.
o Context-specific.
o Impactful, 
o Engaging.

Please note that, for this round only applications from museums and galleries that are reliant on local authority support will be accepted. This includes museums and galleries that:

o Are owned and/or directly maintained by local authorities.
o Are dependent on local authority funding as a significant part of their business model, 
o Have been owned and/or dependent on local authority funding within the last ten years

In 2024, there is one key aim for the Reimagine programme: the Art Fund wants to support projects that will help organisations reimagine their approach to partnerships. The priority areas are:

o Activity related to exhibitions or collections designed to engage underrepresented audiences or to grow audiences.
o Initiatives that support organisations to deliver on environmental sustainability.
o New or strengthened partnerships between museums, galleries and arts organisations, and
o Strategic partnerships with organisations outside the sector (e.g. in health, education, community or commercial settings).

By creating strategic relationships with other organisations, the Art Fund hopes that grantees will be able to develop and retain their expertise, increase their resilience, advocate for themselves, and better serve the public. There may also be opportunities to explore new models of place-based working, evidence social impact, or examine different methods of enterprise and income generation.

Funding is not available for:

o Organisations that are not reliant on local authority support.
o Organisations that exist to make profit, including Private Limited Companies, Public Limited, Companies, Unlimited Companies, or Sole Traders.
o General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, or Limited Liability Partnerships.
o Commercial organisations.
o Organisations with a focus on music, drama, dance and art forms outside the visual arts.
o Individuals or unincorporated bodies directly (unless an application is submitted by or with the formal written agreement of an eligible organisation).
o Hospitals and places of worship, 
o Schools or higher education institutions.

Further information, guidance and details about how to apply is available on the Art Fund website.

The deadline for applications is Friday 19th July 2024.