Exploring DEEP: Join Newly Launched Learning Sessions

Social Care Wales, in collaboration with Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP), invites you to participate in a series of free online learning sessions available from July to October. These sessions are designed to accommodate busy schedules and can be attended independently.


What is DEEP? 

DEEP (Developing Evidence Enriched Practice) employs a co-production approach that integrates research evidence, practitioner insights, and lived experiences through story and dialogue-based methods.


Upcoming Sessions:

  • Gathering and using evidence in practice: DEEP principles
    • Date: 4th July
  • Relationship-centred care: The Senses Framework
    • Date: 9th July
  • Reflective practice and learning: Magic moments and Tragic moments
    • Date: 18th July
  • Gathering and using evidence in practice: Different ways to explore stories
    • Date: 23rd July

To register and learn more about these sessions, visit here.