Learn New Tricks This Spring...

Believe it or not, Spring is coming...at last. Whether you are an experienced Chair or new Manager, budding volunteer or seasoned staff member, what better season to learn some new tricks to help you and your organisation thrive in the year ahead?

The private sector often gets the credit for being able to adapt and innovate, but for trustees and workers in the voluntary sector learning and adapting comes with the territory. Who knows where the next need, the next opportunity and the pot of funding will come from - and where it will lead? Foresight, creativity and above all the capacity to learn are key skills for charities and community groups surviving in an uncertain funding and policy environment. 

The capacity to learn and adapt is a subtle and emotional thing. Recent research reveals that many of us carry around the unconscious belief that we are incapable of learning, and that our skills and qualities are just the gifts we were born with. Researchers call this a 'Fixed Mindset'. On the flip-side, having a 'Growth Mindset' means that you believe that you can develop new skills and qualities through deliberate effort. These mindsets make a big difference in the way that we respond to the challenges faced in work and life.

So, if you fancy testing this out - and debunking the old addage about 'old dogs' and 'new tricks' - why not sign up to one of our Spring training sessions?

This season includes:

Social Media 1.0: Planning & Design - Learn how to create eyecatching social media posts to get your message across.

Chairing For Success - To develop your skills in chairing organisations and meetings

Fundraising: Planning & Writing a Strategy - To start thinking long-term about the funding future of your organisation

Social Media 2.0: Audience & Message - To really think about what your message is and who it is for

Offering Services In Welsh - To challenge the way you think about the role of Welsh language provision in your services

For these and more - including Safeguarding Essentials, training for Trustees and our regular free Webinars - please visit our course listing page here.

And if you can't see what you need, check out our Tailored Training page here.


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