Firebreak Lockdown impact on Housing and Homelessness

Cymorth and CHC have been working closely with officials to understand the impact on our members and to inform Welsh Government decisions on homelessness, housing and support services

Please see their latest message and response below ...

" We urge all of our members to read the Welsh Government's newly published FAQs in order to prepare their staff, tenant and people using their services. 

Housing, homelessness and support providers have a vital role to play in keeping people safe during this lockdown period and beyond. To support this, related activities have only been restricted as far as absolutely necessary, with the majority of core services allowed to continue with additional measures where required. Further details are available within the Welsh Government FAQs. However, we would like to highlight some key messages:

  • House moves, lettings and related activities are allowed to continue where they cannot be postponed, with additional restrictions on property viewings. It is particularly vital that people in emergency accommodation, refuge and supported accommodation can move into more permanent housing as quickly as possible during this period.
  • Housing providers can continue to carry out urgent repair work in occupied homes, following related guidance to keep residents safe. Work in unoccupied properties/voids can continue. Welsh Government are eager that maintenance work continues to enable properties to become available for people to move out of emergency accommodation, refuge and supported accommodation and into more permanent housing.
  • In line with the existing guidancelocal authorities still have a duty to provide emergency accommodation and support for people who do not have access to appropriate,  COVID-safe accommodation. Local authorities have the funding to deliver this. The Welsh Government guidance on interpretation of priority need and vulnerability still applies.
  • Homelessness and housing-support providers should work closely with their local authorities to ensure that anyone who has returned to the streets is supported back into accommodation as a matter of urgency. Volunteer-led activities should be coordinated with local authorities.
  • Housing, homelessness, housing-related support and VAWDASV services can continue to deliver face-to-face support services to people who need them, but should ensure action is taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. Providers should consider whether it is possible to deliver support to people via telephone or video calls.
  • Local authorities, housing and support providers should try to ensure that people in refuge and emergency accommodation who are ready to move into permanent accommodation can do so as soon as possible.
  • Homelessness, housing and support providers should ensure that they and their staff are aware of the Public Health Wales advice note on use of PPE.
  • Homelessness, housing and support services should ensure they are familiar with the Welsh Government guidance and Cymorth practice guidance on encouraging people using services to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Circuit breaker Housing queries or concerns

Please get in touch with Cymorth Cymru at covid19(at) if you have any questions or want to raise any issues or concerns affecting your services or the people you support.

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