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A Network for Trusted Voices

Whether you are a Trustee of a Charity, the director of a not for profit company or Community Interest Company, or simply a management committee member of a non-incorporated community group, you will be aware of your responsibility for ensuring the good governance and sustainability of your organisation.

There is a plethora of sources of advice and guidance available to help steer you in the management of your organisation - so much so, that it can be difficult seeing the wood for the trees, let alone being able to absorb and assimilate the information available to the needs of your organisation. Though PAVO Development Officers can help here, by streamlining the process of finding information and helping to explain how it fits the context of your organisation, resources are limited and Powys is huge.

There are x amount of voluntary organisations in Powys, and x amount of people performing management functions. This suggests that there is a great deal of accumulated experience available in the county that could be shared and exchanged. But in a county so large, the networking required to facilitate the exchange of that knowledge needs to embrace modern technology.

The Powys Trusted Voices Network is PAVO's solution to bringing the voluntary sector in Powys together online.

The Membership Offer

Membership of the Network is free (as long as your organisation is a member of PAVO - also free!). Membership brings a number of benefits:

  • Exclusive access to an easy to use online forum that allows you to post questions and comments to members from across Powys - a network of Trusted Voices
  • A place on the forum to advertise your events to the Network.
  • Access to our Trusted Voices blog, which carries news and comment on subjects of interest to those performing a trustee role - and the opportunity to share your interesting articles and organisational news.
  • A regular E-bulletin - sent bi-monthly and synthesising Trusted Voices posts and other news, and linking to external articles.
  • A Trusted Voices video - your opportunity to profile your organisation and tell others why you volunteer as a trustee, what you get out of it and share advice with other's who may be interested in getting involved. A perfect tool for interesting potential new trustees in the work of your voluntary organisation.
  • Regular information on events and training offers available across the sector.
  • Half price introductory offer to the 'Being a Trustee' training delivered by PAVO.
  • A discrete Trusted Voices badge - be proud to be identified by other trustees for your role in managing a voluntary organisation in Powys.

Take the Trusted Voices Pledge

In return, we simply seek two things:

  • Your active participation - Don't just sit in the shadows, join in and share your experience.
  • There is no need for voluntary organisations in Powys to always be re-inventing the wheel - if you have 'been there and done that', share the experience and make it easier for other organisations to escape the pitfalls or more easily navigate their way to a solution.
  • Pledge your commitment to good governance - Do not let your organisation stagnate.

You may have seen that there is a new Charity Governance Code. This is not specific to charities - all voluntary organisations, howsoever constituted, can draw lessons from the Code. The Code is not a statutory obligation - it begins where rules end - but it seeks to promote continuous development of organisations, and lays out clear principles that promote good governance.

Whilst we recommend your organisation studies the Code, we are not seeking a commitment from you to sign up to it - but we are asking that in your role as trustee you commit to thinking about how your organisation can, within the scope of your governing document, work better and that strive against adopting the mentality of 'we have always done it this way'.

All network members signing up to this pledge will receive a discrete, Powys Trusted Voices Network lapel pin badge.

How to Register

To register for membership of the network fill in the form at: 

powystrusteenetwork.flock.<wbr />com 


To access the Trusted Voices Blog visit:

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