Grants up to £4,000 registered charities in the UK that are supporting people who are disadvantaged, as well as medical and environmental charities.

The Oak Trust is a modest grant-making Trust. It provides small grants for UK charities supporting people who are disadvantaged and deprived in the widest sense, as well as medical and environmental charities. The Trust also supports UK charities working in areas of the world where the people caught up in deprivation, natural disaster and/or conflict are beyond the reach of governments. The Trust prefers to direct its grant-making towards small charities with an annual turnover of less than £1 million. Although not exclusively, the Trust also tends to prioritise charities working in the East Anglia or North and East London.

In particular, the Oak Trust will direct its grant-making towards:

o People who are disadvantaged (in the widest sense).
o Personal development through adventure.
o The environment.
o Whether the charity will be able to bring life-changing benefits to its clients.
o Whether a small grant (for example, £500) will really make a difference to the charity.
o How challenging the raising of the money for the particular cause will be
o The number of people assisted per £ spent.
o The viability of the charity and where the rest of the money will come from.
o How much the charity spends on fund-raising and administration, and
o Whether the charity works locally, nationally or internationally.

Grants are usually between £250 and £4,000. Although there is no match funding requirement, applicants that can demonstrate contributions from other sources are likely to receive priority.

During the year ending 13 October 2018 the Trust awarded 23 grants totalling £25,000. The majority of grants were for £1,000. A list of all awards made during the year can be viewed on page 10 of the Trust’s annual accounts.

Applications may be made at any time via the Trust’s online application form. The Trust meets every six months to review applications.

Further information is available on the Trust’s website.

Contact details for the Trust are:

Mrs Joanna Tollworthy
The Oak Trust
Birkett Long
1 Amphora Place
Sheepen Rd
Tel: 01206 217300

(Source: GRIN)

Where to find us

Llandrindod Wells Office

Unit 30
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01597 822 191

Newtown Office

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Milford Road
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