Grants for registered charities working in England, Scotland, Wales, Cambodia, India and/or Vietnam for projects that support disadvantaged communities to develop the skills that will lead them towards meaningful employment.

Application deadline: none – applications may be made at any time.

The John Lewis Foundation aims to benefit communities in the UK and in areas overseas in which John Lewis operates. Projects seeking funding must address at least one of the fallowing areas;

o Education/training.
o Enabling employment.
o Health care/medical facilities.
o Family guidance and support.
o Personal rehabilitation and counselling.
o Affordable accommodation.
o Community/recreation amenities.
o Deprivation, and/or
o Environment/biodiversity.

Potential projects may include, but are not limited to:

o Funding the development of schools in areas where limited educational facilities are available.
o Funding medical centres and health care initiatives in areas of deprivation.
o Funding creches and other child care facilities to enable women with young children to work
o Funding training facilities to enable people with limited skills to improve their employability.
o Funding community and recreational facilities in areas where few exist; and
o Funding projects which help to protect the environment and improve biodiversity.

Please note that the current main focus of the Foundation is to invest in disadvantaged communities to help them acquire the skills required for meaningful employment.

Charitable organisations planning an appropriate project in England, Scotland, Wales or overseas areas in which John Lewis operates, such as Cambodia, India and Vietnam, may apply for a grant. A John Lewis store locator can be found at this LINK.

There is no minimum or maximum grant award level. 

There is no requirement for match funding.

Funding is not available for:

o Projects which have no direct benefit to communities that support the John Lewis business.
o Projects which seek to promote religion or political groups or activities that exclude any part of society.
o Courses, conferences, festivals, expeditions, overseas travel, fundraising events, receptions, lectures, respite breaks or holidays.
o Initiatives that would be more appropriately supported by one of the charities of the John Lewis Partnership, namely the 
John Lewis General Community Fund Golden Jubilee Trust  or the John Spedan Lewis Foundation.
o Organisations such as pressure or campaign groups, endowment funds, and personal or company sponsorship.

Applications may be made at any time via the application form on the Foundation’s website (scroll down to the foot of the page).. The Foundation meets every three months to review applications.

Contact details for the Foundation are:

Mr Michael Herlihy
The John Lewis Foundation
171 Victoria Street
(The Foundation does not advertise a phone number.)

(Source: GRIN)

Where to find us

Llandrindod Wells Office

Unit 30
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01597 822 191

Newtown Office

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01686 626 220

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