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Exchanging Time - Exchanging Skills:
Enabling Communities

Amser i Ni is a transactional volunteering project based around time banking.

It seeks to develop the resilience of communities by building mutual support networks in which everyone has something to offer and something to gain.

It has the potential to be so much more than a reward system for volunteering, it might just provide the foundation for a whole new way of working together.

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Amser i Ni - Time For Us: Exchanging Time - Exchanging Skills: Enabling Communities



  • Amser i Ni is seeking to build ‘neighbourliness’ on the proven foundational basis of ‘Time-Banking’. Time-Banking goes back a long way, and owes its founding ethos to Robert Owen, the renowned Newtown born philanthropist who inspired the Cooperative Movement.
  • At the heart of Time-Banking lies the equal exchange of time – put in an hour of labour and receive an hour of assistance in return. To coin a phrase: Both a borrower and a lender be!
  • Much like the cooperative ethos of one member one vote – all time in a Time-Bank is of equal worth, whatever the nature of the task undertaken.
  • Time is exchanged across the community – your hour put in can be redeemed from a range of ‘time offers’, not simply exchanged with the person you helped.
  • Everyone has something to give in return – and together we can do pretty much everything…



The basic elements or Time-Banking are:

  • A ‘Bank’ – a spreadsheet for counting time coming in, and time going out.
  • ‘Account Holders’ – community members who bank their time and exchange it with one another. Note: Account holders are usually individuals, but they can be local community organisations giving time related to their purpose – such as a community centre lending space for an event.
  • A ‘Bank Manager’ – a coordinator who accounts for the time exchanged through the bank.
  • An ‘Animateur’ – A person who encourages exchanges by finding ways for people to share their skills and experience across Account Holders
  • ‘Social Interaction’ – the act of exchanging time, one to one with the person being helped, or one to many through events or social functions arranged by the ‘Bank’ or its Account Holders.



The Amser i Ni project provides the following support:

  • A ‘Time Bank Manual’ – a how to do guide for setting up and running a time bank in your community.
  • A ‘Bank Account - Spread Sheet’ – to keep track of your exchanges of time
  • ‘Back Office’ support through Volunteer Wales to keep track of and communicate with your Account Holders about exchange opportunities, and a task setting app that allows you to advertise those opportunities direct to their mobile device.
  • ‘Pump Priming’ – this can take the form of ‘hours’ exchanged by project staff to help you get set up – and a small grant scheme to cover the expense of social events that engage your Account Holders in Time-Banking activities.

Amser i Ni – Time for Us

The Amser i Ni project is supported by the Powys Regional Partnership Board’s, ‘Building a Healthier Wales Funding’ and seeks to promote health and wellbeing benefits from mutual supportive and resilient communities across Powys.

For more information please contact:

David Granero - Swyddog Datblygiad Cymunedol / Community Development Officer

Where to find us

Llandrindod Wells Office

Unit 30
Ddole Road Industrial Estate
Llandrindod Wells

01597 822 191

Newtown Office

Plas Dolerw
Milford Road
SY16 2EH

01686 626 220

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