Free training available to professionals and volunteers supporting young people across Wales



Free training available to professionals and volunteers supporting young people across Wales

There’s an African proverb: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, does that really apply today?

"Equipping young people to maintain good mental health, support peers and access support when required is one of the big challenges for our society. Providing some of the essential building blocks within education is a great opportunity to really turn the tide on mental health." Dr Dave Williams, Consultant Psychiatrist, Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Action for Children believes that equipping whole communities to support and nurture children is the way to ensure all our children grow, develop, and learn in a safe and healthy environment. So, we’re rolling out our digital Guide training to anyone who wants it in Wales.


The Guide Digital training is:

  • available free for a limited time
  • suitable for professionals and volunteers supporting young people
  • designed to improve Mental Health knowledge and understanding
  • designed to reduce stigma
  • designed to support young people to increase help-seeking behaviours
  • evidence-based

We’ve been delivering The Guide to schools across Wales since 2018 and the feedback has been positive. It equips professionals with enough knowledge and confidence to help prevention and assist early identification of mental disorders.


Previous delegates have commented:

“This is the best mental health training I’ve done in years, and was the easiest to understand”

“Mind blowing.”

“A great way of breaking the stigma around mental health.”

“A very informative and empowering training.”

“A valuable experience to improve the support for young people.”

Supporting and safeguarding children is everybody’s business. To help build supportive, responsive and skilled communities for children to be raised means sharing knowledge and understanding that can benefit not just a few in designated roles, but for all those involved in helping children learn, grow and develop to reach their potential.


Guide Digital training is delivered in groups of up to 10 people over four sessions of 2.5 hours each.
  • CPD certificate (10 hours) awarded on completion of four sessions.
  • An additional 2.5 hour session is available for the introduction & exploration of teacher/school resources.
  • CPD certificate (12.5 hours) will be awarded on completion of 5 sessions.
  • For booking enquiries, please email: GuideDigital(at)
  • Free training available to professionals and volunteers supporting young people across Wales

Overview of Guide Digital Delivery Content:

Session 1

Introduction & Brief overview of The Guide

What is Mental Health Literacy

Mental health Terms, Meaning and Language

Covid Experience

Understanding Stigma

Session 3

Common Mental Disorders

Feedback from Self-study task

Covid Recovery

Session 2

Review & Feedback from Session 1

Understanding Stress & Stress Response

Covid Response

An overview of Common Mental Disorders

Self-study task (approx. 1hour) prior to session 3

Session 4

Recognising a Mental Disorder

Treatment & Recovery

Acting on Concerns

Break-out for group task

Feedback session from group task

Summary & Close


Feedback from participants:


“The best mental health training I have done in years!! Every professional in health and social care should do this course”

“Everyone needs to do this course!!”

“Very informative, concise and clear information and great interactive parts that gets the learner involved in discussions.”

“Loved the videos.”

“The course was very thought provoking and will help me within my working role and personal life.”

“This is the best mental health training I have done in years and was the easiest to understand.”

“The mental health triangle allows learners to understand clearly the difference between mental illness, problems and disorders.” 

“I would like to thank the trainers, who were very knowledgeable and were great at involving participants in discussions.”

“This programme needs to be rolled out and offered across the board to professionals in all areas, as the programme should go much further than reaching just those professionals in schools.” 

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