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Volunteer Voices: Peaceful Schools Project

For Volunteers' Week, Andrew from Llanidloes tells us of the joy and satisfaction he gets from his volunteering in schools.

“I volunteer delivering the peaceful schools programme and peer mediation training to primary school children. 

In 2016 I was feeling annoyed that our MPs were so pro war and was looking for something I could do to counter their attitude.  When I heard about the Peaceful Schools Project I realised it would be an excellent use of my time and effort.

It has given me a lot of joy and satisfaction, I feel as if I am making a worthwhile contribution to the community, one which will have positive effects beyond my lifetime. It has also led to me now doing some part-time paid admin work for the Project.  The children we teach also get a lot out of it, it helps them cope better with their emotions, learn how to get along with others who they would not normally do so.  With Peer Mediation training, we see the children grow in confidence, take on more responsibility and become better able to navigate their own lives.

Volunteering  is so worthwhile when you find something that allows you to express who you are.”

You can find out more about the Peaceful Schools Project here.

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