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Resources for working with the Health and Care Standards

The following documents and resources can help you and your organisation to engage with the Welsh Government’s Health and Care Standards (2015).

PAVO is here to help. If you have an enquiry relating to the Health and Care Standards please get in touch call on 01597 822191.

PAVO introductory guide

This guide, our response to the recently revised Standards, aims to explain the context and relevance of the Standards to third sector and voluntary organisations. It also offers simple pointers as to what steps to take next.

PAVO - 'Health and Care Standards (Wales) 2015: What do they mean for my organisation?'

'How to...' guide for Third Sector organisations

PAVO have worked closely with the Welsh Government to produce this 36-page revised guide. It explains the background to the Standards, the process of self-assessment, and the resources available and techniques to help your organisation work with the Standards to highlight good working practices and improve service quality. 

The Health and Care Standards - A Third Sector 'How to...' Guide

To accompany the Guide we also offer editable Word versions of the templates which it includes:

 Welsh Government – Health and Care Standards (2015)

This document, published by the Welsh Government, first sets out the background and context for the revised Health and Care Standards. It then explains the seven themes, the Standards within them and their associated criteria. It does not give information about how to satisfy the criteria. This document is available in both English and Welsh:

Welsh Government - Health and Care Standards (Wales, 2015)

Llywodraeth Cymru - Safonau Iechyd a Gofal (Cymru, 2015)

The Easy Read version of this document explores the seven themes, lists all of the Standards and explains them very briefly and simply. It has been written for service-users and the public, but it may also be useful as an introduction to the Standards for volunteers and staff of third sector organisations. It is also available in both English and Welsh:

Health and Care Standards 2015 - Easy read version

Safonau Iechyd a Gofal 2015 - Fersiwn hawdd ei ddeall

The Standards make reference to a variety of other Welsh and UK policy and procedure documents. Many of these documents and/or guidance on them can be found in the following ZIP files compiled for you to conveniently download:

Health and Care Standards - Supporting Literature (1)

Health and Care Standards - Supporting Literature (2)

For information about how to practically approach the Standards and evidence your work around them consider attending a PAVO training event

Mapping the old (2010) Standards to the revised Health and Care Standards (2015) 

These documents, produced by PAVO, allow you to quickly see the key differences between the old and new Standards and also allow you to quickly identify where work on the old Standards fits into your new self-assessment portfolio:

Revised/new (2015) Standards mapped to old (2010)

Old (2010) Standards mapped to revised/new (2015)

NHS e-manual – Health and Care Standards 

The NHS governance e-manual contains comprehensive information about the revised Health and Care Standards. Information is divided by the seven themes. These are then broken into individual Standards and their associated criteria. Supporting guidance is also given for each Standard. This guide is comprehensive, designed for NHS bodies and can also be bewildering at first. It also contains further resources related to the good governance of health services which may be useful to some third sector organisations as they work through the Standards. The NHS e-manual is available here:

Consider using our self-assessment tool to find out which Standards are applicable before looking at the NHS e-manual.

WCVA – How To Guide for Third Sector Organisations

When the original Standards for Health Services were published in 2010 the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) produced a document explaining how third sector organisations could critically examine the Standards against their work and produce a self-assessment portfolio to demonstrate their use of the Standards.

Unfortunately this guide has yet to be updated to reflect the revised (2015) Standards. Although the Standards themselves have changed somewhat the methodology contained in the guide to create a self-assessment portfolio is still fit-for-purpose. The ‘How to’ guide is available here:

WCVA - Doing Well, Doing Better, the Standards for Health Services: A How to Guide for Third Sector Organisations

The PAVO self-assessment tool can help you to discover which Standards are applicable to your organisations work.

PAVO  Information Sheets

PAVO provides a comprehensive set of information sheets which cover a wide range of useful subjects. These cover many aspects of running an organisation including best practice in managing volunteers. They are free to download and available here

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