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This section is about making the most of money that is given to your organisation, whether by an individual or business.

Gift Aid

'Gift Aid' is tax relief on money that is donated to charities in the UK. A charity is able to claim 28% of every £1 donated to them by a tax payer.

In order to claim Gift Aid there are a few simple stages:

Register with HM Revenue and Customs/ Charities (previously Inland Revenue) to reclaim Gift Aid.

Produce a Gift Aid declaration, this is for your donors to sign declaring that they pay tax and allowing you to claim Gift Aid on their donation.
Model Gift Aid Form 

Claim the money! Make a claim to HM Revenue and Customs for the 28.2% of the total value of the eligible gifts. 

Write an Application to Secure a Corporate Partner

Corporate companies are increasingly taking in new and interesting charity partners, but it is not just the larger charities that benefit from having 6 or even 9 corporate partnerships. Small charities too, are getting in on the act.

So, how do small charities get started?
Here are five tips to improve your chances of success.

Match applications
Be sure you are the right charity for the company you apply to. A good source of background information can be found in The Guide to UK Company Giving, published by the Directory of Social Change. Entries include descriptions of what companies are prepared to fund and the organisations they have supported in the past. Get hold of the company's briefing criteria to find out what type of charity it is looking for.

Present your case
Many large companies want to partner charities that work in all four parts of the UK, or some might demand that charity partners handle the administration side of campaigns. Be sure your charity can meet these demands. Also remember that they want to motivate their stakeholders-staff, customers etc so think how your charity can help them do that.

Get the language right
The voluntary sector is professional but if we just talk about our work in its raw form we risk describing ourselves in jargon-rich, professional language that is ultimately inaccessible. A good way to strip out jargon is to ask a trusted outsider to check your written description of your charity and its work. If they can not understand something, it is likely your chosen corporation won't understand it either.

Stress success
Companies want to know where their pounds will be spent, so tell them, with simply statistics, what your organisation can achieve with extra funds coming in.

Don't take on administration
Companies' arrangements for collecting cash are more efficient than those of others, particularly if money is to be raised across the country from staff fundraising or in-store collection boxes, so it pays to be clear about what your organisation can organise at an early stage. Taking on too much responsibility for collecting money can eat into the proceeds of a partnership. Most larger companies set up bank accounts, particularly if they plan to match-fund. But some retailers don't like employees emptying boxes or taking cash to the bank and some insist on charities collecting cash themselves from their branches, which is an obvious burden. The simplest most effective way is always for the company to set up a designated bank account and include a supply of coded paying-in slips in fundraising packs sent to individual branches.


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